You can also download a printable version of this list of common UA acronyms. 


Arizona Health Sciences Center – Includes the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health


Associated Students of the University of Arizona – Student Government


Accounts Payable – FSO’s Accounts Payable Office is located in Room 402 of the University Services Building.


Business Intelligence – Collecting, integrating and analyzing myriad types of information to obtain historical, current and predictive views of business operations.


Cash Receipt – The Cash Receipt (CR) document is used to record cash and checks received by units, for subsequent deposit into bank accounts by the Bursar's Office.


Distribution of Income and Expense – The DI document is used to distribute the income or expense assets and liabilities from a holding account to one or more appropriate account(s) when one account has incurred expenses or received income on behalf of one or more other accounts. It can also be used to move income, expenses, assets and liabilities to other sub-accounts, object codes, or sub-object codes.


Disbursement Voucher – The Disbursement Voucher (DV) document is used to reimburse employees and nonemployees for expenses incurred while conducting university business and to pay other vendors for performing a service, or providing material goods for the university.


Employee Related Expense – The expenses the University incurs on behalf of an employee in addition to salary expenses. ERE is comprised of FICA, Retirement, Unemployment Compensation, Worker's Compensation, Liability Insurance, Health/Dental/Life Insurance, and Dependent Care Assistance. 


Extended Temporary Employment – Classified staff positions established for a period of six months to twenty-four months. ETE employees are benefitseligible, but are not placed in lay-off status at the completion of their assignment.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (1974) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.


Federal Insurance Contributions Act – Social Security taxes


Facilities Management Department – Assists departments and the University with maintenance, custodial and building service needs.


Financial Services Office – Assists departments with all financial aspects of University business (account information, accounts payable, travel, payroll).


Full-Time Equivalent – A numerical designator for an appointment based on 100% for full-time. An FTE for a full-time employee is 1.00. (An individual working for 20 hours per week would be employed in a .50FTE.)


General Error Correction – The General Error Correction (GEC) document is used to correct inappropriate or erroneous accounting string data for General Ledger entries generated from other financial transactions.


Human Resources Department – Assists employees and departments with employment, benefits, employee relations, compensation, training and development and organizational effectiveness needs.


Internal Billing – The Internal Billing (IB) document is used to bill for goods or services provided by one university department to another university department, reflecting income to the provider and expense to the customer.


Intercollegiate Athletics – The University’s Athletics Department


Integrated Learning Center – located on the UA mall – 1500 E. University Blvd.


Information Services Web – Web access to financial and payroll reports, applications, and forms.


Kuali Financial System – The modular financial accounting system developed by the Kuali Foundation that is being used by UAccess Financials.


Medical Research Building – located at 1656 E Mabel St. 


Personnel Action Form – A document that contains detailed information about an employee and the funding for the employee's position.


Principle Investigator – The person assigned responsibility for program and budgetary management of a grant or contract. 


Purchase Order


Office of the General Counsel – In-house counsel providing legal advice, education, and representation for the University.


Staff Advisory Council – Fosters and enhances communication between the classified staff and the University community. Provides a forum for discussing and defining the role of classified staff in the University. Represents and advocates concerns within the University community and statewide. Ensures inclusion of classified staff on University committees. 


Social Security Number


University Handbook for Appointed Personnel – Manual containing policies and information pertaining to appointed personnel of The University of Arizona.


University Information Technology Services – Department responsible for maintaining enterprise-wide systems and applications, such as the UAccess systems, email, UAWifi, telecommunications, and many others. Includes the 24/7 IT Support Center. 


University of Arizona Medical Center

USA (Building)

University Services Annex – Building located at 220 W. Sixth St.


University Services Building – Located at 888 N. Euclid.