UAccess Symposium

When: Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Where: North Ballroom, Catalina Room, and Rincon Room at the Student Union Memorial Center

The 2020 UAccess Symposium brings together University of Arizona staff and faculty who are interested in furthering the use of UAccess systems in their workplace. The Symposium provides a forum to discuss ideas, find resources, connect with colleagues, and learn about best practice approaches.

Sorry, registration is closed! You may, however, 'attend' online. All presentations will be live-cast via Panopto. Use the links for each presentation to view that presentation. Give yourself at least five minutes to prep your computer for each presentation.

Presentations and Presenters

Our presenters come from all across campus, and they will be coming to tell you all about their particular business processes or what specific challenge, obstacle, or issue they've successfully addressed in their organization. Each of the presentations will definitely have broad appeal. You just have to decide where your interests lie.

Poster Presentation

C'mon out to the Diamond Atrium to peruse our collection of posters. Individuals from UAIR, UITS, and departments from around campus have devised and designed posters to provide information on their processes, with the hope of helping and encouraging you with your own projects and processes. Take a look!

Build Relationships with Enterprise CRM | Derek Masseth, Chief Technology Officer, Infrastructure and Foundational Technology, UITS

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) is a priority in the President’s Strategic Plan, so what is CRM and how will the enterprise system, Salesforce, complement the UAccess systems? Salesforce enables, automates, and tracks communications, and integrates with UAccess data, resulting in a holistic understanding of our relationships and an ability to personalize our constituents’ experiences. Learn more about CRM, hear how other universities are using it to improve student outcomes and constituent engagement, and find out more about UA’s Enterprise CRM strategy and plans.

Download PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)(1.56 MB)

A Gentle Introduction to Adaptive Planning   Beginner / Planning
Tara Mysak, Data Solutions Analyst, CALS Administration

This session looks at some simple use cases and basic vocabulary for Adaptive Planning. We will also compare reports in UAccess Analytics to the reports from the Grants and Academic instances of Adaptive Planning.

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Transfers Traumatic No More   Intermediate / Analytics / Financials
Jennifer Paine, Analyst, Finance and Planning, Eller Administration and
Zoe Ye, Analyst, Finance and Planning, Eller Administration

Have you ever wished that you were anywhere but in your office when it was time to decipher what was happening with cash transfers?  We will make transfers and their nuances more approachable in this presentation. We will take you from choosing your object codes and completing transfers in Financials to reading the Transfers Transactions Detail report in Analytics and to set up your own optimized dashboard reports.

Download PowerPoint Presentation (24.2 MB)

Introduction to UAccess   Beginner / UAccess
Andrew Wang, Research Administrator, RDI Business Services and 
Catherine Zavala, IT Training Specialist, UITS Training Team

This session is the first in a series of sessions designed to introduce new employees, or employees new to their position, to all things UAccess. We will start with the UAccess Portal and training resources, then move on to an overview of Analytics and the best reports to use for specific tasks.

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Be sure to bring a couple of business cards, as there may be a vendor give-away!

Venture into Collaborative Financial Planning   Beginner / Planning
Michiko Pinnington, Finance and Administration Senior Director, UITS and 
Brian Berrellez, Business Analytics Manager, CALS Administration

This session covers how to obtain access, introduces help guides, and provides a brief review of getting started with your work in the Academic Instance of Adaptive Planning. We will look at an example of a successful full implementation of financial planning in a collaborative way that engages leaders in an organization.

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Fun with Filters in UAccess Analytics   Intermediate / Analytics
Maria Swarts, Budget and Financial Analyst, UITS Admin

This session will cover filter basics, creative filtering, the binning tool, and introduce advanced filters using case statements. Although some of this content is appropriate for all user levels, it is most appropriate for intermediate level users.

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Program Fee and Differential Tuition Dashboard   Intermediate / Student Analytics
Martha Sesteaga, Program Manager, Office of Academic Affairs and 
Eddie Caratachea, Business Intelligence Developer, UAIR

Come to this session to learn about the Program Fee and Differential Tuition Dashboard. This dashboard is designed to better assist college administrators (assoc deans, business managers, etc.) in managing funds throughout the year and making the year-end reporting more effective.

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    Lunch - 12:00-1:00 PM

Getting Started with the Grants Instance of Adaptive Planning   Beginner / Planning
Jason Von Fange, Senior Research Administrator, Engineering Administration

This session walks you through a checklist of items you need to be aware of when working with the Grants instance of Adaptive Planning for the first time.

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Can You Use UAccess Analytics to Detect Fraud?   Intermediate / Analytics
Amanda Perkins, Senior Auditor, Internal Audit and 
Neil Galassi, Senior Auditor, Internal Audit

Come to this session to learn about UA's Internal Audit department and what we do. Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in analyzing real-life fraud cases from other universities and discussing possible ways UAccess Analytics data could have been used to detect fraudulent behavior.

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Download Case Study Handout (PDF)(54 KB)

GradPath Tips and Strategies for Graduate Coordinators   Beginner / Student
Elise Bowler, Office Supervisor, Graduate College Admin

This session focuses on how the Graduate College uses GradPath for automated routing of students forms including a high-level overview of the different forms available. We’ll troubleshoot some common issues such as submitting or modifying a form and understanding why there might be grades missing on a form. Finally, we’ll show you where to find more information including user guides and FAQs.

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Be sure to bring a couple of business cards, as there may be a vendor give-away!

A Deeper Dive into Adaptive Planning   Intermediate / Planning
Brian Berrellez, Business Analytics Manager, CALS Administration,
Michiko Pinnington, Finance and Administration Senior Director, UITS,
Tara Mysak, Data Solutions Analyst, CALS Administration
Jason Von Fange, Senior Research Administrator, Engineering Administration
Erik Reinold, Assistant Director, Finance Analysis and Budget, Housing & Residential Life
Brian Pierson, Manager, Residence Life - Budget / Revenues, Housing & Residential Life

We'll go a bit deeper into Adaptive Planning in this session, and will see some live demos of both the Academic and Research instances. This session will also include live demos of creating simple Income and Expense reports.

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Automate your Data Cleaning Process with Power Query in Excel   Intermediate / Analytics
Nathalia Garay, Business Intelligence Analyst, Housing & Residential Life and 
Gabriel Gonzalez, Senior Application Developer, Housing & Residential Life

Do you regularly download Analytics data into Excel but dread the time you spend cleaning it before you can use it? Don't you wish you could just export the data without having to make the same changes again and again? if your answer is yes or if you are simply curious to know an easy and quick way to reshape data, join us in this session to learn how Power Query in Excel can help you automate your data cleaning process.

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Download Step-by-Step Power Query Instructions (PDF)(2.4 MB)

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Leveraging the New Student Subject Areas   Intermediate / Student Analytics
Christina Dentel, Business Intelligence Developer, UAIR and 
Tamara Noecker, Senior Data Analyst, UAIR

UAIR is proud to share two relatively new Student subject areas: Student Academic Profile and Student Academic Profile - Snapshot. In this session you will learn the process behind their creation, the organizational structure, and tips and tricks on how to utilize them effectively.

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Discussion Panel / Q&A 
Moderator Steve Singkofer, Analytics Outreach Coordinator, UAIR

Fill out the form in your Symposium packet and drop it in the box at the Registration desk throughout the day (but by 2:30 PM). We will collect your questions, collate them, and pose as many of them as possible to our illustrious panel during this one hour session. Time may be available for additional questions from the floor. You may also submit your questions online until March 29th.

Scheduled panelists represent University Analytics & Institutional Research, the Financial Services Office, Workforce Systems, Office of the Registrar, Office of Budget and Planning, and Sponsored Projects


If you have any questions, please contact the UAccess Symposium Team.

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North Ballroom, Catalina Room, and Rincon Room at the Student Union Memorial Center